Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Prayerfully Waiting

Our departure date has been postponed due to COVID19 pandemic.  At this time we do NOT have an expected departure date but please check back periodically as we patiently and prayerfully wait.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

It's Getting Real

It's getting real!  As we were eating lunch today Cathy said, "in one month we'll be on the plane going to Uganda!"  It's exciting too as we prepare to go for a second time on mission.  20 years ago we answered the call to go to Cameroon and here we are preparing to go to Uganda - this time without our children and now grandchildren. We are looking forward to living and working in a new culture that I'm sure will be familiar but different.  We trust that as 20 years ago, God was there way before us preparing the way for us to be His helpers.  

People are supportive of our decision to go back into the missions but also question us as to why.  We have good jobs, a home, a new grandchild on the way, etc.  We try to explain that it is a calling we have to answer, for the saints tell us we can only be truly happy when we follow God's will.  Yes, we may seem a bit odd at this stage of life/career to be doing this but He has provided for us so that we have the privilege to be with and weave our lives with those of our brothers and sisters on another side of our planet.  What an honor!